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Samsung Galaxy S4 experiences

I was a happy HTC Desire HD user for several years. Unfortunately, the device has had one too many drops and is suffering from the effects.

I have recently got a Samsung Galaxy S4 and this blog is recording my experiences so far working with this device in a CERN environment.

SIM Card

The HTC Desire had a mini-SIM. The Galaxy S4 takes a micro-SIM. I am thus following the procedure in obtaining-micro-sim-card in order to get a new one with the same phone number.

Mail or RSS

Building the CERN community site needs to have a method of keeping people informed.

Mailing lists have provided a way of exchanging information within a community since the mainframe days. E-mail has become part of the natural communication channels and is easily integrated into our day to day lives. There is a very natural paradigm that took the distribution list and moved it to a mailing list with an archive.

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